Adult Sailing

Waterfront Director: Chris Childers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With the addition of the club's J22, GGYC is excited to announce its Instructional Sailing program.  Waterfront Director Chris Childers will provide instruction and coaching for members and guests.  Multiple types of programs are offered so everyone can find something that works for them.  For any of the following programs, guests of members may participate for a fee of $10.  The member must be participating concurrently in the same program.


Introduction to Sailing - $30 /person

For anybody who wants to give sailing a try!  Waterfront Director Chris Childers will roll out the red carpet and show you how sailors see the Bay.  Two hours sailing on San Francisco Bay will give you an idea of what the sport is about and help to set individual sailing goals.  Or just sit back, cruise and let Chris do the work. LIMITED TIME OFFER - If you sign up for Basic Keelboat Sailing within 90 days, your Introduction to Sailing fee will be credited towards Basic Keelboat!

Basic Keelboat Sailing - $250 /person

The Basic Keelboat class is a group lesson aboard GGYC’s J22.  The focus is on basic skills like rigging and derigging the boat, leaving and returning from the dock, steering, sail trim, points of sail and rules of the road.  12 hours of instruction give you the skills you need to confidently step on any boat and continue you sailing education on your own.  This class takes place over two days with a three student maximum.

Race Package - $200 /person

Get out and join the fun in GGYC’s Friday Night series or Mid-Winters races!  The Racing Package includes three on the water lessons (three hours each) and and one classroom lesson (two hours) focused on fleet racing a J22 in local conditions.  This class culminates with the students racing with Waterfront Director Chris in a GGYC Friday Night Race or Mid-Winters race!  Participants should be comfortable with basic sailing techniques and concepts and ready to focus their learning on racing specific concepts and practices.

Private Lessons - $75 /hr /person ($15 /hr /additional student)

After you complete Basic Keelboat or if you have got the basics down on your own, you will need more practice before you can safely and confidently skipper a small keelboat.  Private Lessons are the best and fastest way to do it.  One on one with a certified instructor or bring a friend, the lessons can be tailored to your specific skill level and sailing goals.  Private lessons are available on any GGYC sailboats.

Skippered Charters - $200 week day; $300 weekend

For those who already know how to sail small keelboats, consider a Skippered Charter.  GGYC provides a skipper for safety, and you can do as much or as little of the sailing as you would like.  Go for a cruise down the City Front, around Alcatraz or just see where the tide takes you.  Four hours long, up to four participants.